Are You Buying What They’re Selling? Perfect Doesn’t Exist (And Here’s Some More Proof)



Ask anyone about photoshopping, and chances are they’ll know the basics. They’ll also ’know’ that most magazines use it. And that the images they see are most likely altered. But ”knowing” all that doesn’t mean much when it’s not applied.

When we don’t get to see the extent to which those images have been changed, “knowing” they are altered isn’t enough. We typically don’t get to see how much retouching is involved, what made the cutting room floor or what’s been taken out (or added to) the photo.
I don’t typically post images of women here, but I made an exception because it’s important to see these edits. It’s all well and good to know about photoshopping, but far too many women still compare themselves to the final, airbrushed images. I post this so you can understand why you should not be striving to look like a magazine cover, or think you’re less than awesome for NOT looking like HER.
A few things about this image…
1. This lady’s got a great bod. Before retouching.
2. That bod isn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect.
3. The image you see on the left is a magazine’s attempt to ‘perfect’ her body by removing what they consider ‘flaws’. (note the quotations)
4. That ‘flawless’ image is for all intents and purposes a lie. (duh)

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