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Do Yoga With Me: Post-run Yoga Sequence

I actually can’t believe that I haven’t shared this yoga routine from Do Yoga With Me on The Hungry Runner yet! It perfectly targets all of the major leg muscles used when running, and the first IT Band stretch in the beginning… the best! If you run a lot, you need this yoga routine NOW. No, not later. NOW!

[image via Fit Sugar]

A few awesome tips and tricks for keeping this pesky part of the body- known most commonly to cause runners plenty of pain- flexible and loose so that you can keep running pain and injury free!

Side Note: See above photo. How many of you can hold a neutral face like that when foam rolling your IT Band?

I tend to look more like,

[image via Greatist]

If you’re gonna walk the walk run, you have to talk the talk. Have you ever heard a runner complaining about their IT Band or blabbering about how bad they need to foam roll and found yourself wondering what the heck they’re talking about? I’ll admit that I’ve been there before. Even after a few years of running I’m not 100% familiar with all of the jargon associated with the sport, which is why I think this guide from Greatist is Awesome with a capital A. (Super, super bonus points for embedding a reference to Michael Scott and The Office.)

Here are few of the terms I was previously unfamiliar with and especially liked reading about:

Fartleks: A fartlek not only makes us giggle, it’s an easier form of speedwork for beginners. Meaning “speed play” in Swedish, fartleks are easy runs broken up by quick sprinting bursts. When changing speed though, the runner calls the shots (unlike more rigid intervals). So newbies can make it as fast and as hard as they can handle. That’s what she said.

Pronation: This refers to the way the foot strikes the ground while running. If someone is an overpronator, their foot rolls inward while running (guilty!). If someone has excessive wear on the outside of their sneakers, they’re likely an underpronator. Getting fitted for a proper running shoe can help with correcting both.

ITBS: This painful injury to the IT band in the leg (which runs from the hip, down the thigh, across the knee, and through the shin) can leave many runners (myself included) sidelined. Before totally cursing IT Band Syndrome, massage, stretching, and strength training tend to help. Hey, ITBS, meet the foam roller!

Click here to read the entire list!

Are there any terms you would add?

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