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Hungry Runner in 2013: A few important updates

Hey Hungry Readers!

Remember way back in December of 2011 when I first published to The Hungry Runner?


This is one of the first post-workout photos of myself I ever shared with you all almost a year ago after I ran 6 miles for the first time.

Okay, I know. That’s not THAT long ago. But still! We’ve been eating and running together for almost a year now! AHH!

Well, 2013 is on its way and with the new year will come a few important changes to

The Hungry Runner started out as a Tumblr blog. However, I have now redirected the domain to Wordpress. Don’t worry. Everything is still the same. Every single post (recipes, workouts, Hungry Running Recaps) is exactly as it was, only now my site is hosted by Wordpress.

So what does this mean for you, the Hungry Readers?

Since I’ll be publishing my posts through Wordpress from now on, they’ll no longer be automatically published to the Tumblr dashboard. However, Tumblr users, DO NOT fret. I will continue to post and update the Hungry Runner Tumblr page, complete with links to every future Wordpress entry.

For those of you who subscribe to The Hungry Runner via email, nothing has changed. You will still continue to receive email updates each time I publish a new post. (If you’d like to subscribe to The Hungry Runner via email, simply enter your email address in the entry from located at the top of the right hand sidebar.)

And for those of you who subscribe to Hungry Runner via an RSS reader, simply enter my new RSS address ( to your feed and click subscribe.

And don’t forget, you can also always always always keep connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

A million thank yous to every single one of you for sticking with me thus far. I LOVE hearing from you and reading your thoughts and comments every single day. I have lots of BIG plans for Hungry Runner in 2013 and I’m so excited to continue this journey with all of you.

Here’s a picture of me that was taken yesterday. I’ve aged so much, right?!


Keep up the happy running and healthy eating! More to come soon…

xx Katie

Hungry Running Recap: Yogging in Central Park

This morning I didn’t just go out for any old run. I went for a Yog. And the best part was, that a bunch of you came with me.

What’s Yog, you ask? It’s an iPhone app that let’s you pre-schedule running workouts with friends and other Yog users. For example, I knew that I was going to be heading out for a 3-mile run at 7:30 AM this morning. So, last night I scheduled my run in Yog and then extended an invitation for all Hungry Readers to join me, both here on my blog, and on twitter and Facebook.

Of course, all of you could not join me in reality, but with Yog we were able to run together virtually. If you’re still wondering “How does this work?” Or thinking, “I don’t really get it,” here are a few screenshots from my Yog this morning that might better help you understand just exactly what it is and how it works:

You schedule a run and then either invite friends who already use the Yog app or reach out to “non-yoggers” by sharing your run via Twitter or Facebook.

When others click “Run Later” on the app’s home screen, they can join your run if they plan to workout on the same date and at the same time. Similarly, you can join in on other Yog user’s or friend’s scheduled runs.

When you “enter” a run and it is about to begin, a countdown clock will appear.

As you’re running, you can see each  runner move along the green bar depending on what distance they are currently at. (It sort of reminds me of the mini placer maps they had in the bottom corner of the screen during Mario Kart. And anything that reminds me of Mario Kart is A-OK in my book.) If you pass another Yogger, a very kind robot woman will announce to you what place you’ve taken. When you finish the run, she will tell you what place you came in.

After everyone is finished, the results are posted. If you place, you will be awarded with a virtual medal that is stored in the “Past Runs” section of the app. (Sweet deal. Who doesn’t love being awarded with a medal? Everybody likes medals.)

OK so, hopefully this all makes a bit more sense to you now. Although I was extremely excited, before our run started at 7:30 this morning, I was still a little bit unsure about how Yog would work. But once the run started it was extremely straightforward. In fact, it’s actually super simple and still so much fun at the same time.

When all is said and done, while you’re “Yogging,” even though they’re not necessarily in the same physical location as you, you’re basically racing all of the other runners who joined your scheduled run.

I love the racing aspect of the app so much because it is super motivating. When the robot lady in my ear was saying things like, “you’re approaching the finish line, you’re in second place, only 100 yards to go,” you can bet you’re Hungry Running little butt that I wasn’t just strolling through the final few feet of my run. No, I was sprinting toward the non-existent finish line with my whole Hungry Runner Heart and everyone else in Central Park was like, “What even?” (Or was that just me? Guess running brings out my competitive side. Either that or I’m just like, a huge Yogging weirdo.)

Anyway, I ended up coming in second by 2 measly seconds! Peter, who is actually one of the creators of the app and who was kind enough to join my run this morning, came in first. Next time we Yog, the competition is SO on! 

I see Yog becoming a really valuable training tool for me. I find it really motivating to have other runners racing against me. I want to beat them. They push me to run faster. I usually reserve speed training for the treadmill, but with Yog I’ll be able to work on running faster outside too! Which, by the way is HUGE, because I really have grown to hate the DREADmill. You can increase the speed all you want on that thing, but at the end of the day, those last few yards that can make or break a race come from the heart, and most of the time I only feel that flame burning behind my feet when I there’s someone running next to me that I need to beat.

For those of you who joined me this morning, firstly, nice run and thanks for Yogging with me!! And secondly, what did you think of Yog? What about it did you like and is there anything about it that you would change?

For those of you who haven’t Yogged yet, does it sound like something you’d like to try? Will you join me for my next Yog?

Elephant Parade Tea Set Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

Many Hungry Readers entered, but only one could win…

I’m so excited to announce that the lucky winner of ‘Elephant Parade’ Tea Set Giveaway is Brooklyn based running coach duo Jessica & Meghan of Hot Bird Running!

Meghan said:

Right on. I actually enjoy iced green tea more than I do hot green tea. But I agree, it only feels appropriate during the summer!

Congrats to Jessica and Meghan! May you enjoy many cups of hot and iced tea with your new tea set :D

Thanks to every Hungry Reader who entered and a very special thanks to Novica for so generously providing such a beautiful, handcrafted tea set.

P.S. I have a few more giveaways that I’m super excited about coming up in December Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Hungry Running Recap: 5 Miles on Thanksgiving

Remember when I said I was taking a break from running this week?

Yeah, that lasted all of 3 days.

I mean, I sort of knew that I’d end up caving in and going for a Thanksgiving Day run and I blame my favorite running trails. They are less than a mile away from my hometown house and I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to pass up the opportunity to take to them with my running shoes when I’m home visiting my family.

This time they were different, though. As I made my way into the park, I noticed a sign that said, “Trails temporarily closed due to storm.”

"You’re telling me the trails are still messed up from Sandy?" I thought to myself. "Ah, whatever, it can’t be that bad. There’s probably just a few branches and a little extra mud. Sandy can eat it. Nothing will ruin my Thanksgiving Day Trail Run."

Yeah, just a few branches down, right? No, not quite.

Huge trees were down. Everywhere. I had to climb over at least 5. I even had to duck under 2.

A man walking his dog in the park sort of scolded me. “There are a lot of trees down, you know.” Uh, yeah, I know. I just hurled myself over and under like 10. But please, don’t condescendingly sort of intend that I shouldn’t be running here, thank you very much.

Yes, it was post-sandy, Thanksgiving day mayhem on my beloved trails. But, it was kind of fun, though. Almost like an obstacle course. Plus, I took it nice and slow and I still managed to enjoy the excellent weather and pretty lake scenery.

Afterwards, I made a big bowl of Banana-Cranberry oatmeal and watched some of the parade with my pup. (What would Thanksgiving be without it?!)

Then, I helped my mom finish cooking our Thanksgiving dinner and later enjoyed a truly lovely meal with my family. I’m thankful for every last bite.

Running, cooking, and eating a lot of really delicious food. Yep, sounds like the perfect day to me.

How were your Thanksgivings Hungry Readers?

Hungry Running Recap: 6 Miles on Saturdays

Saturdays were made for running 6 miles. At least that’s what I’ve discovered since moving to Manhattan. I mean, the loop around Central Park is almost exactly a 10K, so why wouldn’t I run around it every weekend, right?

I know that probably sounds boring, running around the same exact loop of land every week, but I promise it’s not. Central Park is ever changing. There’s always something new to see. There’s always some sort of event going on. There are so many interesting people. And of course, there are the runners. Runners everywhere. Flocks of people just running because they can. It makes you feel good, ya know? To know you’re not the only crazy one. (Plus, remember when I used to run the same loop around a certain lake back on Long Island all of the time… Guess I like familiarity!)

P.S. Please take note of the “Pasta Club” water fountain. (The full inscription says Marathon & Pasta Club.) When I first saw this I was like, “Uh! I wanna join!”  But then I thought, “No. What would be even better than a pasta club, is a PIZZA CLUB.” I’m totally starting one and then getting a water fountain dedicated to it. NYC Marathon & Pizza Club. Who’s in?

Pre-run I fueled up with a big ol’ bowl of banana-cranberry oatmeal and some rice cakes with Greek yogurt and jam. (About 2 hours before.)

Post-run, while lunch was being made, immediate food refuel consisted of pretzels, coconut water, and yes, Yankee Doodles. The Hostess display at the store was almost completely empty so I panicked and grabbed them when I realized they might just be, not only my last Yankee Doodles ever, but also my last Hostess snack ever. (P.S. If anyone stocked up on Twinkies, maybe send me a few? I’ve never had one!!!)

Following snack time, the real meal served at the table was rosemary and basil spiced roasted potatoes and broccoli with black beans and red onion. REFUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT!

Now, it’s onto the next week! Last night I decided to take the week off from running. (Well see how long that lasts.) My muscles are telling me that they’re tired. They need a bit of a break. I’ve already learned the hard way that’s it’s ALWAYS better to rest and recover than to push your body too far. So this week I’ll focus on upper body strength training plus some low impact cardio like the stair master, elliptical and swimming. BRING IT!

P.P.S. THANKSGIVING is on Thursday!! Favorite. Holiday. Ever. I can barely contain my excitement :D

What are you Hungry Runners up to this week? What will your Thanksgiving week workouts be like?

Good morning Hungry Readers! I have a quick little social media side note for you:Facebook is sort of silly in that, if you’re a fan of the Hungry Runner Facebook Page, only some of my posts might show up in your news feed. BUT, Facebook is rolling out a new notification feature and if you’d like to get a notification every time I post, you can click through to the Hungry Runner page right now, click on the “LIKED” button and select "Get Notifications." You can turn it off at a any time, but I hope you’ll stay in touch ♥Thanks for following along thus far! You all rock :)xx Katie

Good morning Hungry Readers! I have a quick little social media side note for you:

Facebook is sort of silly in that, if you’re a fan of the Hungry Runner Facebook Page, only some of my posts might show up in your news feed. BUT, Facebook is rolling out a new notification feature and if you’d like to get a notification every time I post, you can click through to the Hungry Runner page right now, click on the “LIKED” button and select "Get Notifications." You can turn it off at a any time, but I hope you’ll stay in touch ♥

Thanks for following along thus far! You all rock :)

xx Katie

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