Today’s Workout: Quick Cardio & Core!

Speaking of switching up your cardio routine… Today that is exactly what I did. I mean, I didn’t make any drastic changes, but I did get on the elliptical, which is something I have not done in a very long time. I think I avoid it a lot because I kind of associate it with “non-work.” Like, the elliptical was the machine I went to at the gym in college and just sort of passively spent 20 minutes on so that I wouldn’t have to feel bad about “not going to the gym.” What a great workout plan that was!

Now, I need it, because my leg muscles and joints are pretty beat up from all the running I’m doing to train for the Long Island Half Marathon and I definitely need to be counteracting that with some lower-impact cardio. One thing I noticed today: breaking up cardio into two different sessions on two different machines (i.e. 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill), the workout goes by SO. MUCH. FASTER. I guess that’s kind of common sense, but being that I spend so much time with the treadmill, it’s not something that I do very often, so I sort of had no idea. (Note to self: do that more often!)  

Here’s the workout breakdown:

Elliptical (Incline 10):

5 minutes x warm-up ~ Resistance 4

Repeat 10 times:

1 minute x moderate pace ~ Resistance 5

30 seconds x sprint pace ~ Resistance 12

Treadmill (Incline 2):

1 minute x Walk ~ 3.0 Pace

Repeat to 2 miles (about 20 minutes)

1 minute x Jog ~ 5.6 Pace

30 seconds x Sprint ~ 7.0 - 7.5 Pace

2-3 minutes x cool-down ~ 3.0-2.5 Pace


Repeat 3 times:

12 x Captains Chair Extended Leg Lifts

12 x Captains Chair Knee Raise with Twist

What was your workout like today? Cardio? Strength? Maybe a bit of both?