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I’m sharing this here because this was something I really struggled with while I was away at school. Before I went to college I didn’t have clue about nutrition and I went in thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted while still maintaining my fitness— I was a competitive swimmer in high school but did not swim in college.

I was no longer working out and eating pretty poorly (even though I thought I was eating well), and even after I started making a habit of going to the gym, it took it me a really long time to realize that the problem was my diet. 

I made a lot of the mistakes that Dr. Young points out in this article (which I wrote, just FYI) and I hope that these tips might help any soon-to-be freshman avoid them!

In April 2013 I broke up with my scale. It wasn’t a forever break-up, but we just needed some distance from one another…. 


What Not To Eat This Summer: 4 COMMON TOXIC FOODS


Studies from the past year are starting to explain why people who eat dark chocolate tend to have lower levels of heart disease than people who don’t. They’re not better than you — they just have anti-inflammatory bacteria in their guts.

Scientists have known for a while that chocolate has lots of flavonols, naturally occurring flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant properties and reduce the risk of heart disease. But until recently, they weren’t sure just why flavonols were good for you.

Now they know

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Experts reveal why spending more time outside is essential to your health.

Be honest, how often do you stop and take a moment to really appreciate the great outdoors? Whether you live in New York City or Colorado, every time you step outside you’re greeted by shining sun (most days, hopefully), swaying trees and curious creatures.

Sure, some areas are more “green” than others—spotting a bald eagle in your backyard is arguably more exciting than trying to shoo away pigeons on a city sidewalk —but no matter where you reside you’re sure to be surrounded by some aspect of nature, which is good news because time spent outside is almost directly related to your overall health and wellbeing.

And according to recent research, when you combine that time spent outside with physical activity, the effects are incomparable.

“In a 2011 meta-analysis of relevant studies, researchers concluded that compared to indoor workouts, exercising outside causes greater engagement and revitalization, lowers depression and increases a person’s enjoyment of the activity,” says health and fitness expert Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and creator “People who exercise outside are also more likely to repeat the exercise at a later date. Outdoor workouts don’t feel like work. They’re more fun, and they perpetuate themselves.”

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"The key to sustaining an exercise routine actually has nothing to do with motivation at all. If you “workouts” consist only of activities that you truly enjoy, than you won’t need any motivation. You’re passion and enthusiasm will keep you engaged far beyond the point any amount of motivation could."

The Secret to Creating an Exercise Routine You’ll Actually Stick With


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