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30- Minute Full Body Workout by GymRa

I don’t have a gym membership, so on days when I don’t run I’ve been working out at home. This is the workout I did this morning. I came across the GymRa channel (which has a ton of great videos, by the way) while I was researching for my story about the Best Youtube Channels for At-Home Workouts this week.


Summertime Slim-down Boot Camp: Week 4 Workout

We’re starting off week 4 with a lower body workout. I’m literally going to kick your butt! Let’s go!

P.S. It’s never too late to join in. You can find our March workout calendar and links to all the previous week’s workouts by clicking the title link above.

Do what you can with what you have. No excuses!
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Equipment Free Tabata Workout
Hungry Runner’s At Home Ab Workout
"Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don’t think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made."

— Patti Sue Plumer (via Strength Running)

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At Home Ab Workout- Hungry Runner’s Hurricane Core Workout!

Trapped inside for an indefinite amount of time because of that silly storm named Sandy?

Perfect, let’s workout!

This ab circuit can be done anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed. All of your excuses are invalid.

The circuit goes as follows:

1. “Hurricane” Twists (AKA Russian Twists)
2. Cyclone Leg Lifts
3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat Pose
4. “Swaying Tree” Twists (AKA Crazy Ivans)

I said it in the video and I’ll say it again here: Just because you can’t leave your house, doesn’t mean you can’t workout.

Complete the circuit a total of 3 times with one minute of rest between each round. Your abs should be crying tears of sweat when you’re finished.

Happy Hurricane, stay safe everyone!

P.S. Hurricane Sandy has left me stranded in my apartment for almost 10 hours now, and my chances of leaving tomorrow are slim to none. So please, let me apologize in advance for all of the horrible hurricane and storm puns about to come your way over the next 48 hours.


Equipment-Free Tabata Workout

You know what? You now have no excuse not to workout.

You know why? Because this 19-minute kick-butt Tabata routine can be done anytime, anywhere, any way.

OK, maybe not any way. You do need to follow a few simple guidelines (see below). But still, that’s not much to ask at all. So if you haven’t gotten your sweat on yet today, get up and get moving!

No gym or equipment needed and therefore, no excuses accepted.

P.S. Remember, the trick to Tabata is that you have to give it your absolute 150%, best effort ever during each 20 second interval. So no half-assing it!

Tabata Guidelines

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the 20/10 cycle 8 times for each exercise with 1 minute rest in between exercises.

For the 2nd segment of the workout, start with 4 cycles of jump squats, then move on to 4 cycles of alternating lunges (for a total of 8).

For the 3rd segment of the workout, start with 4 cycles of spider man pushups, then move on to 4 cycles of Russian twists.

Exercise Descriptions

Mountain Climbers: Come down to all fours in a high plank position. Make sure that your elbows are positioned underneath your shoulders and that your hands are planted firmly on the ground. Focus on engaging your core by drawing your belly button into your spine to protect your lower back and keep your spine in a straight line. Begin by drawing your knees in toward your chest, alternating one knee then the other, as if you were climbing a mountain. Move as quickly as you can without bouncing your hips up and down. Focus on using your core muscles to draw your knees up towards your chest. Continue for the allotted duration of the exercise.

Squat jumps: Start standing with your feet hip width distance apart. Settle down into squat position, as if you were about to sit back into a chair. Focus on keeping the weight in your heels, making sure that your knees never move in front of your ankles. Engage your core by drawing your belly button toward your spine for balance. Once you’re in a squat position use your legs to push the floor away and jump up as high as you can. Focus on firing from your glute (butt) muscles. Repeat the squat to jump move as fast and powerfully as you can for the allotted duration of the exercise.

Alternating Lunges: Start standing with your feet together, slightly closer than hip width distance apart. Keep your core engaged and your torso tall (shoulders back and down) as you step your right foot forward placing it on the ground in front of you flexing your knee so it forms a 90 degree angle and stepping far enough so that your left leg begins to extend, with your left knee nearly touching the ground behind you and also forming a 90 degree angle. Use your muscles to push the ground away with your right leg and return to the starting position. Repeat the same with your left leg then continue to alternate for allotted duration of the exercise

Spiderman Push ups: Start in high plank position, on all fours with your spine in a straight line, and your core engaged to protect your lower back. Lower down into a push up while simultaneously drawing your right knee toward your right elbow. Push back up and return to the starting position, repeat the same on your left side, alternating between sides for the allotted duration of the exercise.

Russian Twists: Sit on your mat with your legs out in front of you, knees bent up toward your chest. Lean back onto your sitting bones and keeping your knees bent, lift your feet off the ground so that your calves become parallel with the ground. (Modification: keep your feet on the floor out in front of you, knees slightly bent.) Engage your core by drawing your belly button into your spine and keep your back straight and torso tall, focusing on keeping your shoulders back and down. With your hands out in front of the middle of your core, using your obliques (side ab muscles) twist to the right, touching your hands to the floor slightly behind and to the right of your hips. Doing the same, twist to the left. Alternate between sides for the allotted duration of the exercise.

Burpees: Start standing with your feet slightly less than hip width apart at the top of your mat. Bend down and touch your hands to the ground. With your core engaged, thrust our legs back and out behind you so that you come into a high plank position. Focus on drawing your belly button into your spine to protect your lower back, then use your core muscles to tuck your knees back in toward your chest and then jump up to return to the starting position. Repeat this as quickly as you can for the allotted duration of the exercise.

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